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Spirit Office Assistant - Lead
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Job ID 5599
Job Type On-Campus Jobs (FWS) Tier 2
Employer Athletics Spirit Department
Date Posted Aug 04, 2023
Category Administrative
Job Description

Purpose of Position:

To support the staff of the Spirit Office by aiding the Spirit Program in a timely and professional manner


Job Requirements


Duties and responsibilities vary depending on skill but may include:

Leading and overseeing other office assistants to ensure daily/weekly tasks have been completed.

Daily assistance with operations of spirit office to increase the productivity of the director and coaches, including but not limited to: errands, pick-ups, inventory, computer aid, office/daily operations, and personal aid to include locations other than campus. Confidentiality and loyalty are of the utmost importance.

Other tasks may include organization of office, locker rooms, and storage; catering duties; videoing; and other team needs/appearances leading up to events such as auditions/workshops/camps/etc. which involve holiday and official university breaks.

Manage inventory of uniforms, supplies, gear, etc.

Help facilitate the mascot program in regards to scheduling and confirming appearance requests, accompanying on appearances if needed, and assisting with prop creation and inventory.

Coordinate and manage the schedule/duties of the spirit members

 Media assistance (depending on qualifications) to include photography, videoing, editing, graphic design, and managing spirit social media accounts when deemed necessary.

Assist with communication with on campus departments, potential recruits, and others as needed via phone, email, and written communication.

Assignments/tasks will be given by Spirit Staff or they will be listed in Google Docs/Trello. There will be a Google Doc/Trello board shared with the Spirit Operations Assistants labeled with the appropriate assignments. It is your responsibility to check the Google Doc/Trello for assignments and tasks daily.  

Other tasks as needed for the operation of the spirit program.




Work schedules will be based on class schedules. At least one worker will be in the office Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm with no more than 4 workers in the office at one time.

There will be opportunities to work some nights and weekend shifts.

Evaluation Procedure

Evaluation procedure:

Monthly meetings to discuss job performance will be conducted with each spirit office assistant – lead.



Must be familiar with Microsoft Office program

Must be familiar with google docs, sheets, etc. 

Good interpersonal skills

Good communication skills

Available Openings 2
Hours 20.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $11.50/hour
Time Frame All Year
Contact Name Sara L Blankenship
Contact Email
Work Location Knoxville TN 37909
Phone 3049202011
Fax N/A

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