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Controlled Environment Plant Physiology Laboratory - Undergraduate Research Assistant
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Job ID 5608
Job Type On-Campus Jobs (FWS) Tier 3
Employer Plant Sciences
Date Posted Aug 08, 2023
Category Laboratory/Research
Job Description

The Walters Lab in The Department of Plant Sciences is seeking an undergraduate research assistant interested in hydroponic food production, secondary metabolite analyses (lab techniques), or general greenhouse/indoor plant production/lab work to begin as soon as possible.

This position is not an entry level position. Previous experience in the lab is required. Applicants should be able to demonstrate ability to work semi-independently when conducting hydroponic production and/or a variety of laboratory tasks.

Our research is conducted in the lab, greenhouses, and growth chambers. Depending on interest and need, typical work duties may include: Supporting the PI and graduate students in day to day taks associated with greenhouse and growth chamber experiments. Laboratory work including labeling, sample preparation, etc. for tissue nutrient analysis (depending on interest). Setting up hydroponic systems and managing nutrient solutions. Aiding with data collection and entry.  There are opportunities ranging from learning the ins and outs of controlled environment plant production, to secondary metabolite quantification in the lab, to simply weighing samples. If you are interested, we can meet and see how your learning goals and the research goals of the lab align.

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Job Requirements

The candidate must be able to work at least 10 hours per week and work at the mutually agreed upon time(s). 

The candidate should be dedicated to the work and have attention to detail. 

Interest in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), hydropnic production, or secondary metabolite quantification is a big plus. We are excited about our research and want those working in the lab to be too! No prior experience is necessary, we will adjust tasks based on your background. While this is a job and we have to complete research, one of the main goals of the Walters Lab is for everyone to continually learn.

Evaluation Procedure

The student will be directed by the PI and key lab personel. A continuous open dialogue is encouraged daily. Periodic meetings will occur to evaluate progress and determine  direction. 

Available Openings 2
Hours 10.0 to 29.5 hours per week
Hourly Rate $12.00/hour
Time Frame All Year
Contact Name Kellie Walters
Contact Email
Work Location 2505 E.J. Chapman Dr. 112 Plant Biotechnology Knoxville Tennessee 37996
Phone 5638806933
Fax N/A

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