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Community Nutrition Health Research Assistant
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Job ID 5639
Job Type On-Campus Jobs (FWS) Tier 2
Employer Nutrition
Date Posted Aug 09, 2023
Category Laboratory/Research
Job Description

We are an active, engaged, and supportive lab looking for students interested in working as a Community Nutrition Health Research Assistant. In this role students can select from four different research projects to work on: 1) a cooking project with adults and children; 2) a hands-on, activity-based education program on the UT campus to help reduce food insecurity; 3) collecting dietary intake records from adults over the phone; 4) conducting interviews with adults living in Tennessee about factors that influence health in the community. Students can work on more than one of these projects. Any of the projects can lead to the students presenting their own research at UT and other local/national/international professional conferences. All tiers are accepted for this position. 

Tier 2- At least one previous research or education assistant experience. Students will be able to conduct literature review activities with direction and assistance; input data into software programs with training and oversight; and develop materials for use in research-related educational activities. 

Job Requirements

The most important thing we are looking for in student researchers is a positive attitude, enthusiasm for being involved, dependability, and a fundamental interest in learning. The work schedule can be flexible according to the student researcher's individual needs. 


Evaluation Procedure

Students will be evaluated by the percentage of time that they are present when they say they will be. Notice of needed changes in schedule that is given by email, phone, or text will result in the variation not counting towards the percent of absences. Quality of work product/outcome and soft skills related to collegiality and ability to work as an effective team member will be evaluated monthly (along with absences) in a written report that is discussed with the student researcher. Feedback is intended to primarily help student researchers grow and improve and is not intended to be punitive. 

Available Openings 30
Hours 5.0 to 20.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $11.50/hour
Time Frame All Year
Contact Name Taryn Zachary
Contact Email
Work Location 1215 Cumberland Avenue Jessie Harris Building Room 229 Knoxville Tennessee 37996
Phone 8659746369
Fax N/A

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