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Undergraduate Research Assistant
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Job ID 5695
Job Type On-Campus Jobs (FWS) Tier 4
Employer Physics & Astronomy
Date Posted Sep 21, 2023
Category Laboratory/Research
Job Description

Research position in the Physics and Astronomy department focused on High Energy Physics research. The successful candidate will contribute to advancing our knowledge of fundamental particles.

Expectations are for the successful candidate to make meaningful contributions to an analysis focused on reinterpreting the results of an ATLAS Experiment search for fundamental particles. They will be expected to learn to use MadGraph to generate new models, validate their output, and use the existing framework for analysis reinterpretation. They will also be attended to attend and report at weekly meetings. 


Duties are 5-10 hours a week of running simulation software and analyzing output results. If the project is not completed in the Fall semester, it could extend to the Spring (with the same student). While some work can be done asynchronously, the student will be expected to join for meetings that will be scheduled during work hours according to their schedule.




Job Requirements

Must be current UT undergrad majoring in Physics with interest in High Energy Physics and must have a basic foundation in Physics and coding in python. 


Evaluation Procedure

Assignments will be evaluated on a project by project basis as this is also a learning opportunity for the candidate.  Direct instructions and feedback will be given on a consistent basis to ensure the undergraduate researcher not just completes the task assigned but that they know the purpose for the research.

Available Openings 1
Hours 5.0 to 10.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $12.50/hour
Time Frame Fall
Contact Name Showni Medlin-Crump
Contact Email
Work Location 401 Nielsen Physics Bldg. Knoxville TN 37996
Phone 865-974-2633
Fax N/A

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